How to stay on track and how to build muscle fast. Well, this article will help you to find out. 

A good muscle building diet consists of various important ingredients. This diet consists of enough protein, carbohydrates and fats including the minimum of 3-liter water per day.

Protein helps to rebuild the muscle tissue and deliver fast to more and more. Your carbohydrates help to sustain. Meaning, it gives you the energy to work in the gym. And Fats helps to store that energy for a long time which helps to build muscle.

Let me explain why you need fats. If you do not consume enough healthy fats, your body will use your protein intake as your main energy source. This will be a major problem for someone who is trying to get some muscle mass. Do you need to build and repair lean muscle tissue right?

If your body is using protein as its source energy source, you probably will not reach your anabolic potential. By adding a good amount of fats in your diet, you will ensure that this will not happen. It is also very crucial for hormone production, your skin care, hair care and to protect your vital organs. 

So how much protein, carbs and fats you need on an average day?

You need 1 gram of protein and carbohydrates per pound of body weight. And .5 percent of fats. This means that the percentage of fatty acid should be 40% should be protein, 40% should be carbohydrates and remaining 20% ​​should be of fats. 

Now let's take a look how your muscle building diet should like: 

Protein : There  are so many protein sources available. Egg whites, chicken, beef, greek yogurt, cottage cheese, milk, soy milk, steak, pork (boneless), turkey breast, halibut, tilapia, Bean chips, tofu, quinoa, wheat germ etc. You can add supplements like whey protein for optimum results.

Carbohydratesyou need moderate carbohydrate diet which will provide muscle growth and prevent muscle breakdown. Here are some examples of carbohydrates: walnuts, avocado, strawberries, oatmeal, broccoli, rice, pasta, etc.

Fats : example of healthy fats are fish oil, wild Salmon, berries, yogurt, nuts, soy milk, walnuts etc.

Supplements : This is a new product. Supplements like trenorol is great for mass gains and strength.

Also, our body needs additional stuff like minerals, vitamins and other ingredients which comes from green vegetables, tomato, spinach. So make sure you add this too.

Here is the diet for building muscle fast.

Ultimate Muscle Building Diet :

Meal Time Food
Meal 1 7 A.M. (after waking up) Whey Protein
Meal 2 8 A.M. (Breakfast) 6 egg whites, 1 cup of oats with water, 1 Banana
Meal 3 11 A.M. Grill Chicken, white rice/ vegetables
Meal 4 1 P.M. (Lunch) Tuna, sweet potato, and broccoli
Meal 5 3 P.M. Chicken/beef ( grilled), green vegetables
Meal 6 Pre-workout Optional ( you can have pre workout supplement with banana)/ or fish and broccoli
Meal 7 Post workout Whey protein/ chicken or fish with tomato
Meal 8 9 P.M. Cottage cheese/ greek yogurt.

You can mix with other sources. For example you can have chicken breast for protein sources and you can have fish or turkey breast. In terms of carbohydrates, you can pick pasta too. It's really up to you how you want to eat. Because eating the same, day after day, you might feel bored or uninterested. But yes, you have to take care of all the portion equivalently. This means protein, carbs and fats should be 40/40/20 accordingly. 

Hope, this Article has helped you. Share your views in the comment section.